Ideas for Memorable Wedding Centerpieces

When your guests arrive at the reception venue, the way the room is decorated will make or break the entire experience. Most reception venues are pretty dull in appearance until you decorate every part of it, and your dinner tables are one of the most noticeable aspects of the room. Obviously you want to have white tablecloths and ribbons tied to each of the chairs, but that will only go so far when you’re trying to create a romantic wonderland that everyone will love. The most important aspect when decorating your reception tables is a beautiful and memorable centerpiece that will make both a visual impact immediately as well as have some sort of practical use. Here are a few ideas that will take your centerpieces to the next level and really enhance your guests’ wedding experience; as well as your own.


Probably the most common idea most couples come up with for their reception table centerpieces is to place a variety of flowers in vases. This can be a really great way to make your room look more romantic and festive, but you’re missing out on the aspect of having your centerpieces be useful. Instead of regular flowers, consider using wooden flowers or roses made out of another material. That way, your guests can take a flower home with them at the end of the night and they won’t rot and decay like a real flower will.


Sparklers are an increasingly popular choice for reception table centerpieces because they look lovely and are very useful during the reception. Your guests can use them in photos, during your grand exit, or just for fun throughout the evening to break up the monotony of dancing and socializing. Best of all, you can pick up some cheap sparklers at most fireworks stores so they end up being one of the least expensive options available for the amount of impact that they will create.

Edible Centerpieces

Another one of the most popular centerpiece options that couples choose is creating them out of small candies. This can save you a lot of money because your guests can munch on the candies rather than having appetizers handed out during the cocktail hour. If you want to take things up a notch, you could create edible centerpieces out of fresh fruit and chocolate-dipped confections. Just make sure the fruit doesn’t sit out too long otherwise it will go bad and you will end up wasting a good deal of money.