Funeral and Sympathy Messages and Quotes

Death of our loved ones is very difficult to bear but it is the reality of our life which surely ends one day. If you lost your friend or any other family member like dad, mom, sister, grandfather, grandmother or any other relative from your family then you need some heart touching sympathy love quotes for funeral cards. Sending funeral messages and cards is the way to tell people that we are with you in this tough time and we all try to fill the space of lost person with our sympathy. We pray for his/her soul to rest in peace and for family we pay best wish to courage them to bear this loss. You can also send (Rest in peace) RIP quotes on social media to tell other people (especially to your friends) about this sad news.

RIP Quotes

There are many funeral cards available in the market which already has sympathy messages embossed on it and attached with funeral white flowers. If you want to give some memorial gift to your lost friend or relative then use some candles quotes about not giving up, flowers or frames. Set the memorial picture of your lost friend on frame and place it near the grave with burning candles.

Rest in peace quotes

Memorial poems and death quotes for friends are also very effective in these situations. You can send some words of condolence to the family of died person and it will help their family to come out from the sadness time Quotes About Life. Usually funeral messages send with cards and flowers which is a sign of peace and heaven. I hope you will like these quotations and sayings for your friends and use them for your friends and family funerals.