Selling More Bottle Service

Bottle service has been a big money maker for bars and nightclubs over the last few decades. One of the easiest and most effective ways to make large profits is to increase the average check size of each of your patrons, and bottle service is by far the most efficient way to do it. Not only will bottle service make the bar a larger sale right off the bat, but your customers will also receive a better value compared to buying one drink at a time. This is one of the rare times that your bar or nightclub create a true win-win situation for both your bank accounts and your customers.

However, like many of the products that you offer your customers, selling more bottle service is crucial if you hope to expand your business and earn more profits. There are many ways to accomplish this, but there are only a handful of proven methods that work in all locations. Here are my three favorite ones that I always recommend when I’m brought in as a consultant.

Selling More Bottle Service

Offer Variety

Variety is the key to selling more bottle service because everyone has different tastes. It can be easy to stick to champagne and common spirits such as vodka for your bottle service offerings, but by offering more options to your customers, you can interest more people and thus sell more bottle service with little effort.

Check Your Prices

Pricing is another crucial aspect of increasing your bottle service sales. If you charge too much, you won’t entice your customers to buy it, but if you charge too little it won’t be profitable. The standard rule is to reduce the price of buying bottle service by 20% compared to buying one drink at a time, so make sure your prices are in line.

Make It Special

Lastly, you need to make the experience of buying bottle service a very special one. The easiest way to accomplish this is to attach color bottle sparklers and light them before you bring your customer the bottle. LED bottle sparklers work too if you can’t legally use the real ones, but regular color bottle sparklers are always the best option from my experience.

If you put these three tips into motions, selling more bottle service will quickly become the easiest things you’ve ever undertaken as a business strategy at your bar or nightclub.