Confirming Pregnancy while at Home!

Confirming pregnancy while at home

The concept of pregnancy has been present since ancient times but tests present for the confirmation of pregnancy present in modern times were not there in the old times. Today, people can just buy and a use a pregnancy test from any drug store but in old times, visiting a doctor was not an option and buying an over the counter pregnancy test from a store was not possible. That is why people had to use a homemade pregnancy test to remove their doubt. These tests were safe, cheap and reliable.

There are many medical procedures to check your pregnancy but you can also confirm your pregnancy by using a homemade pregnancy test while you stay in the comfort of your house.

Why choose a homemade test?

There can be a many reason for choosing a homemade pregnancy test. A few reasons are listed below.

  • Visiting a doctor to confirm your pregnancy can become a burden on your pocketsince it is very expensive but these tests almost cost nothing since the ingredients for the test are already present in your house.
  • The pregnancy can be a surprise. Or it could be a secret to avoid embarrassment and inconvenience. The homemade pregnancy test is very easy and does not require additional help, making it easier to keep it a secret.
  • Waiting for your appointment can cause great amount of anxiety hence these tests can be used since they can be quickly conducted that too at any time of day.
  • Visiting a pharmacy or the doctor’s room can be inconvenient hence the use of homemade tests. These tests can be more convenient because the ingredients are all available at home. Visit com

When are these tests used?

When a woman is pregnant, she experiences physical changes even in the first month of pregnancy which helps them to confirm their pregnancy. The most obvious indicator is the delay or missing of their monthly menstrual period. In the first few months of pregnancy, women may experience a high body temperature and excessive sweating. Other signs include increase in the number of times urine is passed and a feeling of nausea which is also called morning sickness.

A women experiencing such signs obviously needs to confirm her theory of being pregnant, hence the homemade pregnancy test is used. However, not everyone experiences these. Some women may not experience any of these physical changes while some may continue to go through light bleeding in their menstrual period which leads to confusion and doubt. For all these people, a safe and cheap way to remove their doubt is the homemade pregnancy tests.

How the tests work:

Pregnancy tests, both over the counter tests or homemade tests, look for a hormone in the patient to confirm pregnancy. This hormone is known as human chorionic gonadtropin and is present in the urine. This is produced by the cells that form the placenta which nourishes and safeguards the embryo after it is attached to the walls of the uterus. Mixing the ingredient of the test with the urine presents the result.


Remember to always use the first urine of the day since it is not diluted at all. Keep in mind that using urine that has been stored in a container for a few hours will not produce effective results. It is better to perform these tests in an open area since fumes for some tests like the beach test can cause irritation. When performing any test, make sure that the sample and the test is on a flat surface. Lastly, these tests are not always 100% accurate so you may need to visit a doctor for confirmation.