Greg Hannah Named Best Downers Grove Plumber

Greg Hannah Plumbing was just awarded the “Best Downers Grove Plumber” award, where his main website can be found inside the linking quotes. Many familiar with Illinois will know Downers Grove is a relatively large town with 47,000 residents. The adjacent towns make for a large service area, and through sheer volume, customer loyalty, and satisfaction has he received this honorary title.

The town of Downers Grove actually dates back to the Civil War, where it lost over 100 brave men to their brothers in arms. It’s a town with a lot of charisma, charm, and bustling growth, without the fear of over population or lack of caring, compared to big cities.  This mantra of people first, is what Greg Hannah Plumbing exudes; implementing a no questions, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, they place not only their reputation, but their license and insurance on the line every customer call they take and ultimately service.

With over twenty-five years of fixing hot water heaters, leaks, toilets, showers, kitchens, septic systems, sewers, and anything that can break with water inside, Greg and his team of expert professionals have fixed. Most of their business is repeat, but they do welcome new clients as they continue to expand their service area passed the town they call headquarters, which has been in existence since the 1870s, their beloved Downers Grove.

One of the main criteria clients seek out is to determine if a company is reputable, and cost effective. This is why Greg Hannah Plumbing appreciates the dozens and dozens of testimonials earned throughout the body of work that is their plumbing life.  Twenty four hour, seven days a week emergency access gives its current clients and new ones peace of mind knowing they don’t have to go through a weekend without a working toilet, or a leaking pipe, broken septic, or cold showers (we’ve all been there and it’s not fun). If you are in the Chicago area, give Greg a call and be sure to read his amazing testimonials whether on Verified Trustworthy or direct from his company website.